Other Facilities


  1. Shri Naishvdhubhai V. Majmudar Fund
  2. Shri Ramarav C. Kake P. Fund
  3. L.D. Domestic Society Silver Medal
  4. Shri J . C. Swaminarayan P. Fund
  5. L.D.M.G. Sci. tnst. Sch. P. Fund
  6. Ajit Bhagat Economics P. Fund
  7. Girdharilal Uttamrai Sch. P. Fund
  8. Shri Amulkhrai & Bai Krishna P. Fund
  9. Guj. Maths. Conf. P.Fund
  10. Jayendra Hiralal Kharawala P. Fund
  11. A. G. Bhatt Sanskrit Gold Medal Fund
  12. Golden Jubilee Merit Sch. P. Fund
  13. Suvarna Jayanti Ramat Gamat. Fund
  14. Dr. V.K.R. Rao. Sch. Fund
  15. Smt. Shardaben Kharawala G.M.P.Fund
  16. Smt. Sarmishthaben N. Parikh P. Fund
  17. Kantilal C. Munshaw Pri. Fund
  18. Shri. Girdharilal Uttamrav Kale Pri. Fund
  19. C.C. Gandhi Sch. Pri. Fund
  20. Vimlaben C. Gandhi Sch. Pri. Fund
  21. Smt. Jayaben Shivprasad Dave Sch. P. Fund.
  22. Miss. Ulphat Hajarnis Gold Medal.

Wi-fi Campus facility

Wi-fi facility has been provided free of cost in the entire campus, to enable staff and students to access educational websites and e-libraries.


Through the government’s N-list programe, the e-library of INFLIBNET can be utilized by staff and students. It gives access to 128000 books and more than 4500 journals.



The boys’ hostel, with a capacity of 200 students, has separate blocks for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Each block has a mess and dining hall and is equipped with hot water supply, water coolers, sports facilities and provision for indoor games.


L.T. Munshaw Ladies’ Hostel which is at walking distance from the college offers accommodation to girl students. 60 seats are available here.

Note : - For further inquire please meet to college office.