Infrastructure of College

The college has good infrastructure for both, curricular and co curricular activities. It includes the following

(1)  Classrooms

There are 31 spacious and well ventilated classrooms in the college out of these, two are fitted with audiovisual faculties facilities including two overhead projectors and routinely used for workshops, presentations , seminars and discussions.

(2)  Laboratories

  1. Computer laboratories

  2. There are three well equipped computer laboratories, with internet connectivity and an overhead projector. These laboratories have, in all, 65 computers for students alone.

  3. English language laboratory / Digital Education learning laboratory (DELL)

  4. The English language laboratory has 25 computer stations with the necessary software for teaching-learning and practice. Courses of varied durations are conducted here under the guidance of trained staff

  5. Geography Laboratory

  6. A well-equipped Geography laboratory has been set up for undergraduate students

  7. Psychology Laboratory

  8. The Psychology laboratory permits both undergraduate and postgraduate students to conduct practical work. It contains the apparatus and materials required to perform experiments and administer psychological tests.

(3)   Library

The College library houses more than 84500 books including some very rare editions, and subscribes to a number of periodicals and magazines. It has a well equipped reference books section and a reading room for students. It also has an electronic copier. The college library has been computerized thorough the software SOUL. Approximately 40000 book have been computerized so far.

(4)  Conference room

The college conference room has audiovisual facility, an LCD projector and a capacity of 236 people.

(5)  Office for Sports, NCC and NSS

A separate block behind the main college building offices for sports, NCC and NSS activities.

(6)  Gymkhana

The gymkhana hall behind the main college building has a badminton court and a table-tennis table.

(7)  Playground

Two large playgrounds provide scope for a number of sports and athletic activities. Located here are separate grounds for cricket, football, handball, volleyball, kho-kho and kabaddi, and a 200m running track.

(8)  Principal’s Office

Facing the college entrance and flanked by the two administrative offices is the spacious principal’s office equipped with a CCTV monitor. Adjoining this office is a small waiting room which can also be used for administrative purposes.

(9)  Administrative offices

The administrative block includes two offices on the ground floor accessible to both staff and students.

(10)  Date Entry Room

There is a data entry room for administrative purposes, which has three computers

(11)  Staff Room

The college staff room provides partitioned work spaces for the different departments, a central seating arrangement and cupboards for staff members.

(12)  Ladies room.

spacious ladies room for the students has attached wash rooms and drinking water facility

(13)  RO Drinking water facility

Apart from a separate arrangement for girl students , there is a common RO drinking water facility with a cooler.

(14)  Wash Rooms

Separate wash rooms have been provided for female and male staff members and students.

(15)  Outdoor benches and Canteen

Benches in the campus provide outdoor seating, with a canteen nearby for refreshments.

(16)  Parking facility

A spacious parking facility exists on the college grounds for vehicles of staff and students.

To view pictures of infrastructure Click Here: photo gallary of infrastructure